Pick Your Dramatic Entrance Before You Say I Do

  • Kairos
  • 13 Sep, 2018

Never underestimate the power of a dramatic entrance. In India, when it comes to weddings, it’s not just a function with different ceremonies, but it is a lavish and spectacular occasion, which comprises of music, games, fun, dance and full on entertainment. A wedding is one of the most paramount events is not just the bride and groom’s life but also in their friends, family and the near and dear ones.

Now that weddings are becoming much fancier and contemporary, one of the main events is the bride’s entrance. So let’s take a look at the different ways in which you can walk-in with style before you say I DO.


1. Your Grand Entry In A Cycle Rickshaw

Why don’t we break the stereotype and let the groom uncannily bring his bride-to-be and make a statement? You can use a cycle rickshaw, or an antique car or a truck; decorate it with flowers and a quirky text board.

Your Grand Entry In A Cycle Rickshaw


2. Make A Fancy Aisle

You can ask the bride and groom’s near and dear ones to make an aisle for them so that they can begin their journey with their presence.


Or you can also make her entry under a dupatta. Wait, what? Dupatta? Well, yes, you can be unique and decorate that dupatta and give her over to her man.



3. Make It Sparkling

Not just with lights and decoration, but literally sparkling. Let them entre under the aisle made of sparkling crackers, or you can surprise them with people holding phooljadies for their red carpet walk.


4. The traditional palki

One of the many ways for a grand entry is bringing the bride-to-be in a beautifully embellished palki. You can ask her siblings and cousins to do the honors.


5. Like a Princess

Make the bride entre like a royal princess. You can decorate a separate stage for her entry, and make the guests mesmerized and the groom speechless. After all, she deserves all the attention.

We are sure you are planning for your perfect dramatic entrance, well whatever way you choose; we know you are going to look drop dead gorgeous.